DUO 19:21

Formed in 2016 in Warsaw by Iwo Jedynecki (accordion) and Aleksander Krzyżanowski (piano).  This seemingly unusual match of instruments dates back to the 19th century, where composers such as Cesar Franck, Camille Saint-Saens and Ferenc Liszt exploited the combination by writing pieces for piano and harmonium. The latter was an instrument with the same sound source as modern accordion and therefore harmonium can be considered a predecessor of 21st Century accordion (the fact still not common in classical music environment). The duo’s main task is to spread and popularize these very rarely performed pieces by masters of the Romantic era. But whatever repertoire they present (the Duo claimed prizes at international chamber music as well as contemporary music competitions), their goal remains the same: to share the joy an energy of performing in a chamber ensemble with the public. 

DUO 19:21 are prize winners of all the music competitions they had taken part in: